God bless you Doctor THANKS

We are very happy with the treatment provided by this hospital. We are very lucky to get Dr.Chinmay Nakhwa for treating me for my retina detachment surgery which is very successful.

I have got my vision back. He has a healing power which God is working through him.

Its too good treatment

We are very happy with your treatment .Because of Dr.Chinmay Nakhwa Sir my vision is come back which is loss because of Dengue fever.

Dedicated doctor

Dr.Chinmay Nakhwa is a very dedicated doctor he personally take interest in all the worth required for the eyes.God bless we wish him all the best .the staff is also very supportive & courteous.

Thank God

Thank God we came in right hands. We are thankful to Dr. Chinmay Nakhwa who explained us and was very polite to talk to. May God bless him.

Thank you for all staff and Dr.Chinmay Nakhwa.

Dr. Chinmay Nakhwa it is very good surgeon I am so happy him. he done my surgery successful God bless you.I am so happy all staff is corporate very much.

very much happy

I am very much happy with the treatment I received in this Hospital by Dr. Chinmay Nakhwa and whole staff. i had lost my vision more than 50% but now fully recovered after operation thanks to God and Dr.& the staff of this Hospital. Surely recommend to anyone having any eye problem .The most important thing is this hospital is not after money..

Dr.Chinmay Nakhawa

Due to safe hands of Dr.Chinmay Nakhawa I retrieved my eye- sight.Thanks to Dr.Chinmay and associates staff & I wish him every success in his assignment..

Dr.Chinmay Nakhawa

I have often asked has anyone seen God, apart from the idols… No has been the answer. Well, I have! Dr.Chinmay Nakhawa @ Aditya Jyot temple ,Thanks to the entire team for me…

very good dr rao

very good dr rao you are very beautiful women in this world for me you have given me light to see the world my name is jyoti so meaning of this is also light but you are responsible to give me light so much thankful for this.

Thanks for dr kavita rao

Very satisfied after the surgery. Staff is very helpful. Thanks for changing my life kavita mam ,world without glass is very beautiful!

very satisfied

thanks for dr kavita rao . staff is very good . I got a very good response from this hospital .thanks for changing my new world without glasses . Very good hospital . I will tell about this hospital to everyone so that they can also change their life.


A world without glasses satisfied and am grateful for changed life.


Satisfied after surgery ,feeling without glass is wonderful thank you dr kavita.

Padmashri Dr.Natarajan is an excellent surgeon

Padmashri Dr.Natarajan is a dear friend and an excellent surgeon, brought my mom for regular eyecheckup today.Dr.Natarajan asked me to consult Dr.Shruti in his absence.Dr.Shruti is an exceptional doctor, very courteous ,warm and a thorough professional.She conducted all the tests with so much patience and warmth and made the visit a wonderful experience.Support staff is also very warm. Dr.Natarajan whose vision is to provide services for the needy ,has brought all services under 1 roof with domain experts. I wish him and his colleagues especially Dr.Shruti all the very best in their endeavours.

Truly an eye opener

A wonderful experience to the miracles of the eye. Truly an eye opener !!

The simplicity and cheerful disposition of Dr. Natarajan

I have been greatly impressed by the simplicity and cheerful disposition of Dr. Natarajan. His name and fame has reached far and wide. Its only his fame and name that has made me come to Dr. Natarajan without any reference. Its my proud privilege to be Dr. Natarajan in person and get ARMD treatment from hi, My blessings to him and his hospital.

Brilliant services and optimistic thinking

Brilliant services and optimistic thinking, imbibed in the patient. Highly impressed & greatful.

Excellent services

Excellent services rendered by the Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital.

Great Experience

Very relived that I had nothing more serious than a corneal abrasion. Many thanks to Dr. Astha, Dr. Chinmay, Dr. Vishwas, Darshana, Shruti, Joseph. Great Experience.

Great Friend and personality

Met him after 30 years. Last met him at Guwahati. Great Friend and personality. God Bless him.

May God Bless him always

Gained a lot of information from Dr. Natarajan Sir, He is working so much for everyone. He is like a God of Eyes on Earth. Have immense faith in him. May God Bless him always.

Thinking out side the box

I am absolutely grateful for Dr. Natarajan saving my eyes 23 years ago. His intelligence and thinking out side the box saved my eye sight. Infact this was a comment

Country needs more S. Natarajans

The Country needs more S. Natarajans and for that we, in India have only one route …… and that is S. Natarajan has to be produce more like him.

Good Doctor’s & Staff Cooperative

Good Doctor’s & Staff Cooperative, Excellent & Inspiring. To meet great Doctor Shri Dr. S. Natarajan (Padma Shri Awarded)

All world-class facilities under one roof

It was a very great experience to meet our great teacher Padma-Shri Dr. S. Natarajan. All world-class facilities under one roof, well trained, cooperative and enthusiastic staff. All social activities Sir is doing and also eye health awareness programe conducted by Aditya Jyot very inspiring.

good team and one of the best person

Dr. Natarajan has a good team and one of the best person to meet with is an honour. Please live long life for good vision. Thank you.

Blessings and good wishes

Dr. Natarajan and his team of Doctors are doing excellent work in the filed of Eye Care. My blessings and good wishes.

Very transparent and satisfactory experience

Very transparent and satisfactory experience. All staff of Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital are polite and helpful

Good Luck

I am here to get my younger brother treated for Retinal Detachment. The staff is very humble and I was very comfortable; especially Nilesh who was very nice. Good Luck!!

Mr.Ranjeet Actor

working for excellent cause for the deprived class

“Aditya Jyot” is not only a place where people come for getting treated for eye problems but many other inspirational things for learning. Foundation set by him is working for excellent cause for the deprived class. I would personally like to be attached with this cause directly or indirectly and would also urge the same to others.

Mr. Deepak Prasad Head- HR at Reliance, Vodadara


Very happy and satisfied.


Very professional

full of passion and focused

An eye care institute which is full of passion and focused on delivering world class eye care to their patients. It is an honor for Novartis to be associated with Aditya Jyot.

Mr. Jawed Zia CEO, Novartis India

I loved the work

I loved the work that is being done for patients. Aditya Jyot is a comprehensive eye treatment hospital with patient at the center.


I would like to say that the service is very professional.

Very good treatment and doctors are very friendly

Good hospital, very nice Dr. Natarajan. Very good treatment and doctors are very friendly. We are very happy after meeting Dr. Natarajan.

Extremely friendly staff

Extremely friendly staff. Very clean and well presented hospital with excellent facilities. I am very grateful for the visit. Thank you.

Very good service which is done by Dr. Natarajan

Very good service which is done by Dr. Natarajan


Congratulation on the Padmashri Medal. Looking forward to meeting you again.

I want to be a doctor

I want to be a doctor ( cancer surgeon) when I grow up bigger. Thank you for helping me.

a wonderful surgeon and an equally wonderful human being

I had heard so much about Dr. Natarajan’s hospital but after my visit to it today I have realized that what I had heard was much less than what actually it is. Kudos to Dr. Natarajan! I was amazed to see how energetic he is and as a person he is so humble that you become a fan of him. I wish him a long and healthy life so that he serves the community for many many years. Dr. Natarajan, I fall short of words and adjectives to describe you- a wonderful surgeon and an equally wonderful human being.

Dr. J.P. CHUGH Senior Prof, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, PGIMS (Haryana)-

Your nature and knowledge is unbeatable

What we heard from patients & doctors from West Bengal & Ahmedabad, turned out to be much better that that. We are very happy and satisfied from surgery done by you. Your nature and knowledge is unbeatable. The above statement is based on my personal intervention with doctors whether it be from madras, Chennai, Indore or Kolkata. Thank you and your team for all the kind support and everything.

Mr. Mahendra Shaw Senior Prof, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, PGIMS (Haryana)-

Doctor & politican

We both as a doctor & politican really adwarded to see you and your hospital service & surgical technique.

Dr. Digvijay S Rane & Mr. R.K.Pawar Ex Mayor, Kolhapur, President, NCP, Kolhapur-

Excellent Service

Excellent Service,Staff and offcourse Doctors

Co-operative staff

Very Co-operative staff and understands patients problem very well.

Very Good hospital

Very Good hospital and Good service.


High Time Waiting

Overall experience was good

Overall experience was good but waiting time must be improved.


Overall treatment is good.

Services were good

The services were good and the staff and doctors were excellent in all ways.


Thanks everything was good.

Very good treatment

Very good treatment and the doctors are very friendly to us. Best hospital in India and I like this hospital.

Very positive experience

Meeting Dr. Natarajan is a very positive experience and the hospital arrangement are very well done.

Immense pleasure and satisfaction

The day I visited Aditya Jyot it gave me immense pleasure and satisfaction to have such God given talent and atmosphere at this location. Iam blessed to have the services here.

Divine efforts

I would share that I was operated by Dr. Natarajan Sir for retinal detachment in 1994 ( 10th Std). He gave me enough confidence and made me believe myself. I came along way to become chest physician. Thanks to divine efforts of sir.

Best hospital

Best hospital. Environment & staff providing care and strength of mind with health which is unique.


Firstly ,the showcase of medals updated is "Awesome".staff service is up-to-date,a lot of improvization done,absolute satisfying ☺

Best of luck

From last 7 years we regularly come for followup .we always wants Dr.Natarajan's opinion & we become confident after his opinion but from last year we found difficult to get his appointment wish you best of luck for his research.

Best of luck

It is an excellent experience of group of friendly doctors with adequate care of the patients,even more than what is expected of them.I may rate this hospital more than even sankar netralaya -Chennai,Jaslok Hospital -Mumbai,Vasan Eye Care-Vashi etc.I would rate Aditya Jyot as 5-7 stars 'Eye Hospital' with best of luck & was regards-Congrats & keep it up God Bless You All.

Good services

I and my family member know Dr.Natarajan since1987 whe he was assisting to Dr.Badrinath at Madras then we know him when we shifted to dadar and the were he successfully operated my relative Homai Pagdiwala ,Kashmira Pagdiwala & self for Macula & Retina detachment.I and my family wave full confidence in Dr.Natarajan & his staff.Thanks for all his good services.


Dr.Natarajan Was Came In The form Of Good And My Vision was Restored.

Good experience

It was good experience best of luck for Dr.S Natrajan .

Great care

Great care taken care for my father have been visiting for last seven years the institute has improve with every visit

Good experience

It was good experience I was operetta for retina detachment operation successful in the hand off Dr. Natarajan the staff was good and responsive in all aspect.


Its indeed great pleasure to speak to you after long time admire our achievement and feth and positive attitude congratulation a On being awarded Padmashri.

Hard work and knowledge

Dear Sir Glad To meet you And I am really happy to met you when i look you i got confidence that very person do something in there life with hard work and knowledge thank you for your time.

Fabulous doctor

Dr.Natarajan is a fabulous doctor thoroughly enjoyed seeing him, he explained everything in detail & we were left at peace with no confusion in our mind. God Bless Him!

Mrs Shipra Mittal Mr.Gaurav Mittal’s Wife

Very happy

We were very happy to see Dr.Natarajan here , thoroughly enjoyed seeing him, He was just excellent!

Mr.Uday Kumar Chandra MD of P. C. Chandra Jewelers

GOD for me

Dr. S Natarajan is like a “GOD for me!

Dr. Sarvesh Lal
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Mrs Preeti Maheshwari
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Excellent contributions
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Extremely friendly staff,very clean & fully equipped with modern facilities.it was a pleasure being here.Best Wishes to all !!!
Actor Rakesh Roshan
Producer,Director,Former Actor In Bollywood Films
Indeed it is impressive ophthalmic facility with various subspecialities under one roof. I congratulate Medical Director Dr. S. Natarajan for establishing such institute for superb patient care and more so educating young ophthalmologists.
Congratulations Dr. Natarajan for the eye hospital. This is great service to the mankind. We will support him in his endeavour to service the people. His fight against the blindness is appreciative. My best wishes.
Late.Shri.Vilasrao Deshmukh
Former CM-Government of Maharashtra
A visionary, has a vision to give vision to needed. I inaugurated this hospital on 1st Aug 2004; today i visited to check up my own eyes; I saw the equipments, consulting room, met with young doctors. Maharashtra is proud of Dr.S.Natarajan. My best wishes.
Shri.Sushilkumar Shinde
God Bless You! All on this noble cause and wishing you all the very best. Congratulations Dr. Natarajan and the entire team! I am glad to belong to your team and thank you for your warm welcome!. God Bless and Love.
Actress Aishwariya Rai
Today I had a visit to Dr. Natarajan clinic. Many people suggested that I must go to Dr. Natarajan Hospital. After visiting the clinic I got the confidence.
Shir.Dharam Singh
The most beautiful gift you can give someone is the gift of eyes… Dr. Natarajan and Aditya Jyot has done that. Am Happy to be a part of this endeavour.
Actress Celina Jaitly
I visited the state of the art Aditya Jyot eye hospital for the first time along with the honorable President of India in Jan 2005. Subsequently I had the honour of commissioning the Multifocal Electroretinogram machine brought by the hospital in March. The hospital has maintained high standards in respect of eye care and cleanliness and I was impressed to see the various facilities available at the hospital. I congratulate Dr. S. Natarajan, chairman of the hospital, Mrs. Priti Natarajan and the team of doctors and other staff at the hospital for their valuable services to the society and wish them success in their endeavours.
Former Governer Of Maharashtra
I am quite impressed with the hospital for its layout, aesthetic presentation, cleanliness and warmth of the doctors and assistant. It is also very interesting to know of the facilities for diagnosis, treatment and research, thanks to the innovative initiatives of Dr. S. Natarajan and his team. This hospital indeed is an excellent addition to the medical facilities in the city. I am confident that Dr. S. Natarajan's devotion to research will lead to newer dimensions in eye care and treatment. My best wishes.
Shri.M. Balachandaran
This place truly defines excellence. Top class facilties and staff that have every conceivable positive attribute, caring, committed, competent. To see this hospital is to know and believe that the best is achievable in India. My very best wishes.
Excellent infrastructure with some great people with professionals. S.K.Jaiswal (IPS, ADDL. Commissioner of Police, Central region, Mumbai. A pleasure to meet Dr. Natarajan. Excellent infrastructure. May God Bless. Thank you!
Shri.Vikram Mehra
A comprehensive and complete facility for eye treatment. A very good set of staff who are professional and as well as hospitality. Very impressed with the hi-tech treatment. Many best wishes for a continued success for this important service to the people. Long live my friend -Dr.S.N. Best wishes once again.
Shri.D. Ravishanker
Congrats! It's rare you see a hospital that marries aesthetics with state of the art equipment.
Actor Rahul Bose
Excellent, it is an amazing facility best wishes.
Ashwani K.Sethi