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  1. The patient has to report at registration time at the reception counter.
  2. Pre-payment of consultation fees and collection of patient’s slip is done at the reception.
  3. New patients will be given an information brochure about the hospital along with a reference card.
  4. An information form has to be filled by new patients whereas old patient's files are traced while the patient is waiting.
  5. The patient has to be seated in a waiting hall to be examined by an Optometrist.
  6. The history, vision and intra ocular pressure of the patient will first be checked.
  7. Thereafter if necessary the pupils will be dilated using eye drops. This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.
  8. Once the pupils are dilated the anterior segment is examined by a doctor.
  9. The patient is then examined by the concerned ophthalmologist.
  10. If any investigations are advised, they are usually carried out on the same day and are arranged by the staff at the reception counter.
  11. The patient is then reviewed by the consultant after the investigation.
  12. Treatments such as laser, minor surgeries may be performed on the same day.
  13. After completing the consultation, the patient has to return the slip at reception.
  14. A patient who registers at short notice (SHORT NOTICE REGISTRATION) has to wait longer than patients who have registered 1 month in advance (ROUTINE REGISTRATION).
  15. (From reception to consultation the process would take an hour).as waiting time of 2 hours looks bad on our hospital’s part.