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The disfigurement associated with the loss of an eye of a person can cause significant physical and emotional problems. The rehabilitation of a patient who has suffered the psychological trauma of an ocular loss requires an Artificial eye that will provide the optimum cosmetic and functional result. Although the patient cannot see with the Artificial eye, it will definitely restore their self-esteem and allow them to confidently face the world.

Custom made artificial eye is made up of high density medical grade PMMA(Poly-methyl Metha-acrylate). The Custom Made Artificial Eye is a hard acrylic shell, which is worn over a damaged, disfigured eye or eviscerated globe. The Shell Prosthesis covers the entire surface of the eye, restoring it to a natural appearance.

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Making of custom made artificial eye


First, we take an exact impression of the socket, using an alginate a soft, non-irritating material. With no discomfort to the patient, alginate sets up in 1 to 2 minutes. This is of short duration and not painful.

Wax model
Make a wax model according to the alginate impression, then we sculpt a wax model to match the other eyes palpebral fissure height, total closure of eyelids, lower lid crease.

From the wax model, we make the white plastic blank, on which hand painting is done with the greatest care to match the companion eye in current appearance in living tissue.

When the colour is judged to be correct, the layer of acrylic is cured onto the front surface. Once curing is done, we polish & smoothen the surface.

Finally, we fit the highly polished artificial eye & make fine changes as needed. The procedure takes 3 days to complete, with difficult sockets takes 1 or 2 days longer.

Ocular Implant

Care & Maintenance of Custom Made Ocular Prosthesis

• Once or twice a month, remove an artificial eye with clean hands and inspect it closely. Clean it with normal saline.

• Polish your Artificial eye twice a year..

• If you swim, dive or water ski, either wear a swimming goggles or remove the artificial eye and store it safely.

• Use lubricating eye drops to keep your artificial eye moist.