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Optovue:3-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography

The RTVue is the next generation 3D Optical CoherenceTomography sytem developed by the original inventors of OCT and the people who developed the first OCT system of eye-care
3D OCT is a noninvasive, non contact, transpupillary Imaging technology, with ultra-high speed 26,000 A-Scan/second and high resolution 5 Microns Fourier domain OCT technology allows the systems advanced clinical protocols to be used for ocular examination with unprecedented resolution and clarity. Cross sectionla images of the retina are produced using the optical backscattering of light in a fashion analogus to B-scan ultrasonography. The anatomic layers within the retina can be differentiated and the retinal thickness can be measured more precisely than the conventional OCT. Besides,the optic disc and nerver fibre layer can be assessed in cases of glaucoma.The system also provides many advanced imaging features for comprehensive 3-Dimesional Retina and Glaucoma analysis

Retinal OCT

Glaucoma OCT