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Indocyanine Green Angiography (ICGA)

This investigative procedure comprises of injecting a dye -INDOCYANINE GREEN into one of the veins in your arm and either taking rapid serial photographs of its passage within delicate blood vessels of the eye in the retina and choroid, using a digital Fundus camera of HRA using appropriate filters.

The information obtained from this test aids your doctor in making a diagnosis and planning treatment especially using different kinds of laser such as Diode,Argon,532 DF YAG, PDT , TTT or ICG enhanced photocoagulation.

Apart from the needle prick and the light flash of the camera there is no discomfort from this test.If nausea appears remain calm and take deep breaths which helps in overcoming it.Your usual diet can be taken soon after the procedure. Indocyanine Green is highly non-toxic drug.In rare Instances, it can produce an allergic reaction, which responds rapidly to appropriate medication, Serious life threatening allergic reactions,though exceptionally rare, can occur.

You must be accompanied by an adult attendant during this test.


1.Patient is requested not to take any food or liquids by mouth for at least two hours prior to the appointment time.This is to avoid nausea and occasional vomiting e.g., the patient can take a light breakfast at 8:00a.m., if asked to report at 10:00a.m.

2.If the patient is using any regular medications for general conditions such as diabetes, bloodpressure etc., the usual dose of all such medications must be taken.

3.The test will be performed only if the B.P. is within normal limits.If it is high the test will be postponed.If you are hypertension,kidney or liver diseases,please consult your physician for fitness

4.If the patient is allergic to any medications or iodine preparations he/she will be required to consult an allergy specialist to rule out an allergy to the dye used during the test.The test will be carried our only after obtaining clearance from the allergy specialist.

5.Patients may have wait for 1-2 hours, becasue ICGA required a good dilation.

6.Diabetic patients are required to bring biscuits or glucose to take immediately after completion of the test , to avoid hypoglycemia.

7.Kindly inform the doctor if the patient is pregnant, as it is preferable to avoid this test during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

8.Patient has to be accompanied by one adult attendant.