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(Awarded Padmashree by President of India)
Chairman & Managing Director of
Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital. Pvt. Ltd.
M.B.B.S , Madras Medical College
(University of Madras),
D.O (University of Madras), F.R.V.S (Madras),
M.A.B.M.S , M.O.R.C.E , F.A.B.M.S
Specialization:Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

Prof.Dr.S.Natarajan hails from a long line of Ophthalmologists.

•His father Prof.Dr.N.S.Sundaram and grandfather Dr.Natarajan Pillai,were some of Chennai's most respected Ophthalmologists.

•This third generation Ophthalmologist did his MBBS from Chennai.he completed his post graduation in Ophthalmology from Chennai.

•From 1984 to 1988, he worked as Vitreo Retinal Surgeon, under Dr.S.Badrinath, at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

•Key Leadership Position in All India Ophthalmological Society, Asia Pacific Ocular Trauma Society,Ocular Trauma Society of India,SAARC Academyof Ophthalmology, Vitreo Retinal Society of India, Maharashtra Ophthalomology,Bombay Ophthalmologists Association, Editor of Indian journal of Ophthalmology.

•Conferred with the prestigious Padmashree Award by the President of India .

•He is considered as one of the proficient and high profile young surgeons involved in academics througout his clinical practice & researches and he has been honored with accolades from around the world.

Prof.Dr.S.Natarajan Visiting Professor At Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital (THONEH)
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Academic Activities

  1. 12-05-2014: Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan has given a lecture on “ Global Health Research in Resource Limited Settings- An Established model in the Largest Asian Slums.”
  2. 05-05-2014: In ARVO Annual meeting 2014, Prof. Dr. S. Natarajan was invited as a moderator for “ Nanotherapy, Nanodiagnostics & Nano imaging , Poster Session
  3. 25,26-02-2012: Prof. Dr.S. Natarajan’s lecture at Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Egmore, Chennai on 25th Feb 2011 at 1pm on “Recent advances in surgical Management of Ocular trauma” & Stanley Medical College on 26th Feb 2011 at 12noon on “Innovations in Vitreo Retinal Surgery”.
  4. 28-04-2011: Tel Aviv, Israel invited Prof Dr. S. Natarajan as a faculty at the Retina Today 2011 Meeting, which was held in Tel Aviv at the David InterContinental Hotel on April 28-29, 2011
  5. 13.03.2004 : Dr. S. Natarajan was invited to participate in Clinical Ophthalmology Update 2004 in Hyderabad. He was also the Chairperson for the session: Vitreo – Retina Exotics!
  6. 20-21.02.2004 : At the XII Annual Conference of Vitreo Retinal Society of India (VRSI) he was invited to be a “Moderator” for the session – Central Serous Retinopathy- where are we today.
  7. 27.01.2004 : He was invited for the XI International Congress of Ocular Oncology (ICOO) as a Co – Chairman for the Scientific Session “Uveal Melanoma”.
  8. He was Chairman : National Symposium – Practice Management during the 62nd Annual Conference of All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOC 2004), held in Varanasi. He also gave a talk on “Success Strategies for a Practice”
  9. 15-17.08.2003: At the 51st Annual Conference of TNOA & Southern Regional Ophthalmic Conference which was held in Chennai, he was the Co-Chairperson for the ‘Macula Symposium’ and spoke on Surgical Management of ARMD. He also spoke on Artificial Retina for the Symposium ‘Today Poor Prognosis – Tomorrow’.
  10. 13.07.2003: He was one of the Convenors for the session ‘The Worst Surgical Disasters’ during the Annual Conference of the ‘Intraocular Implant and Refractive Society, India’ which was held in Chennai from 11th to 13th July, 2003.
  11. 21-25-4-2002:Participated in the XXIX International Congress of Ophthalmology held at Sydney, Australia.
  12. 2-4.08.2002: Chariman of the Symposium on ’Ocular Trauma’ during the Golden Jubliee Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Society – Golden Eye 2002 held at Trichy.
  13. 28-30.09.2001: He was judge for the free paper session during the Silver Jubilee celebration of A.P. State Ophthalmic Society held at Hyderabad
  14. 23-24-6-2001: At Retina 2001, International Symposium on “Macular Diseases” and “Posterior Segment Complications of Cataract Surgery” held at Bangalore, he was the Moderator of the Session`Interesting Case Presentations’
  15. 10-12.11.2000: At the XXIV A.P. State Ophthalmic Conference held at Visakhapatnam, he was Chairman of the Symposium "Retina Symposium I". He spoke on "Age Related Macular Degeneration & Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)". He was also the Chairman of the Symposium "Retina II" and spoke on "Indocyanine Green Angiography".
  16. 3-5.11.2000: At the Southern Regional Ophthalmological Conference (SROC 2000) held at Bangalore, he was the Chairman of the Retina Symposium. He spoke on "Age Related Macular Degeneration & Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)" and "Indocyanine Green Angiography".
  17. 11-13.08.2000: At the 48th Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association held at Madurai
  18. He was the Moderator of the Symposium on Ocular Trauma and spoke on "Ocular Trauma".
  19. He was the Convener of the "Video Interactive Session on Posterior Segment".
  20. He was the Co-Convener of the Symposium on Ocular Trauma. He spoke on the "Management of Retained IOFB".
  21. 1-2.04.2000: At the Annual Conference of DelhiOphthalmological Society, held at Delhi, he was Convener during the Symposium "Energic Technologies for the New Millennium". He spoke on Photodynamic Therapy.
  22. 25-26.03.2000: At the Annual General Assembly on "Childhood Blindness - A Challenge in the New Millennium" organized by the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness - India, held at Delhi, during the Plenary session III, he was the Convenor of Western Region. He presented the brief of recommendations/deliberations of both State and District branches of this region.
  23. 12-13.02.2000: At the Annual Conference 2000 of Vitreo Retinal Society - India held at Amritsar, he was Moderator of the session "Posterior Complication of Anterior Segment Surgery".
  24. He was the Moderator of the Symposium "Diabetic Retinopathy".
  25. 22-24.10.99: At the XVIII Karnataka State Ophthalmic Conference at Hubli, he was the Chairman of the session "Posterior Segment Trauma".
  26. 26-28.08.99: At the World Retina Congress held at Hyderebad he was the Chairperson of the session "Trauma & Tumours". He spoke on Management of Massive Choroidal Haemorrhage".
  27. 22.01.98: Convenor and Discussant during the Session on Retina-Vitreous at the All India Ophthalmological Society Meeting at Guwahati.
  28. Chaired the Session on Retina & Vitreous along with Dr. Harvey Lincoff and Dr. K. Pecold at the XIth Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmology at Budapest, Hungary.
  29. 28.09.97: Invited Guest Faculty at the 10th International Meeting on Cataract, Implant, Microsurgery & Refractive Keratoplasty Surgery at New Delhi. He was the Chairman of the Session Recent Advances Programme - Managing Macular Problems in Pseudophakes.
  30. 12-13.07.97: Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai. Chairman of Session 7 on "PVR" and Moderator during Session 4, spoke on "Management of Retinal Detachment".
  31. He was the Convenor at the session Recent Advances in PFCL on Vitreo Retinal Surgery and delivered lectures on "Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy" & "Dislocated Nucleus".
  32. 23.02.97: Co-Chairman of the Session "Current concepts in (PVR) Proliferative Vitreo Retinopathy".
  33. 21.02.97: Chairman of the Session "Symposium VII Surgical Management of Ocular Trauma" and spoke on "TRAUMATIC ENDOPHTHALMITIS". Co-Chairman of the Session on Special Programme II Oration and Selected Key Notes II.
  34. 21.02.97: Discussant for the Free Paper Session on the Retina Vitreous III.
  35. 3-4th August, 1996: Attended the 44th Annual Conference of Tamilnadu Ophthalmic Association held at Salem as a Guest Speaker. Moderator for the Symposium on Diabetic Retinopathy.
  36. 05-02-96: Chairman for the Symposium on "Diabetic Retinopathy".

  37. 05-02-96: Chairman for the Free Paper Session on Retina. Faculty for the Instruction Course and gave a lecture on "Intraocular Foreign Bodies".
  38. 3-4.02.95: Co-chaired the Free Paper Session on Retina/Vitreous at the 53rd AIOS Conference.
  39. 05.02.95: Chief Convenor of Current Concept Programme on Sports Related Ophthalmic Injury - Cricket, Hockey, Golf, Badminton and Squash at the 53rd AIOS Conference.
  40. 05.02.95: Chief Instructor for the Programme on Perfluorocarbons & Heavy Liquids in Retinal Detachment Surgery organised by AIOS.
  41. 07.02.95: Moderator of the session "Instrumentation and Basic Steps" during International Vitreoretinal Symposium - 1995 organised by Medical Research Foundation, Madras.
  42. 5-7.11.94: Invited to chair a session at 1st Asia Pacific Symposium on Visual Sciences at Guangzhou, China
  43. 10-11.06.94: Invited to chair a session in the 3rd international meeting on the recent progress on internal tamponade in vitreoretinal surgery held at Ravenna in Italy.
  44. 10-14.03.94: Invited to chair a session in the 3rd meeting of International Society of Ocular Trauma at Cancun, Mexico.
  45. 7-9.04.93: Invited to chair a session at the most prestigious international course on vitreous surgery organised by Dr. R. Zivojnovic at Antwerp.
  46. 3-6.02.93: Co-instructor for the instruction course on "Commencing Vitreous Surgery in: The Basics", the All India Ophthalmological Society, Jaipur.
  47. 3-6.02.93: Co-convenor for "Current Concept Programme on Tamponade in Retinal Detachment Surgery", the All India Ophthalmological Society, Jaipur.
  48. 3-6.02.93: Moderator for free paper session - Retina I, the All India Ophthalmological Society Meeting, Jaipur.
  49. 11-13.09.92: Chairman for Vitrectomy, Live Demonstration, College of Surgeons annual scientific meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  50. 05.09.92: Chairman for the session - Video Film & Vitreous Surgery, during The Southern Regional Ophthalmic Conference.
  51. 13.03.92: Convenor for invited papers at the Ophthalmic Laser Convention, New Delhi.
  52. 02-6.02.92: Co-chairman, update program on Pneumatic & Silicone Retinopexy concluding remarks, All India Ophthalmological Society golden jubilee conference, New Delhi.
  53. 2-6.02.92: Co-instructor, instruction course on Video Course Vitreous surgery for the Cataract Surgeon - Technique & Complications, All India Ophthalmological Society golden jubilee conference, New Delhi.
  54. 02-6.02.92: Moderator, retina free paper session, All India Ophthalmological Society golden jubilee conference, New Delhi.
  55. 25-27.10.91: Judge for best paper award, IOL for 7th Eastern India Zonal Ophthalmological Conference & silver jubilee conference & silver jubilee celebration of All Assam Ophthalmological Society, Guwahati.
  56. 12-13.10.91: Chairperson for the free paper session II, XII Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists.
  57. 13-15.09.91: Convenor for basic instrumentation & indications - Symposium on Parsplana Surgery, Ophthalmic Conference of SAARC countries, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  58. 06-8.09.91: Moderator for vascular retinopathies, Pan Ophthalmologica, presented by Steve Charles, Alumni Club & Federation of Ophthalmic Research & Education Centres, Madras.
  59. 30.03.91: Chairman for the seminar of Vitreous Haemorrhage, Sponsored by Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology - Bhopal, M.G.M. Hospital, Indore.
  60. 11.01.91: Moderator of the session on Retina and Vitreous Surgery, Symposium on Recent Advances in Ophthalmology, Hyderabad.
  61. 04.01.91: Chief convenor of the instruction course on Argon Laser Posterior Segment Applications, 49th AIOS Conference, Bangalore.
  62. 07.01.91: Discussant for the free paper session on retina, 49th AIOS Conference.
  63. 07.01.91: Co-convenor on the update in Diabetic Retinopathy, 49th AIOS Conference, Bangalore.
  64. 02.12.90: Chairperson of the symposium on Recent Advances in Biomedical Research, XI Annual Conference of I.A.B.M.S.
  65. 1990: Convenor on Retinal Detachment at Round Table Meeting, 48th AIOS Conference, Ahmedabad.
  66. March 1990: Organising Chairman of XII Annual Conference. Chairing a session in an international meeting shows his academic excellence at this young age.
  67. March 1990: Chaired a session at the XXII International Ergophthalmological Conference held at Singapore.

Awards & Honours:

  1. April , 2014: Founding member of the Advisory Council for the “ Centre for Excellence in Health Care Management” at Great Lakes Institute of Management.
  2. April, 2014: Award & Certificate to Prof. Dr.S.Natarajan at WOC2014,APAO2014 & 118TH JOS TOKYO (April 02nd to 6th 2014)
  3. March 2014: Award To Prof.Dr.S.Natarajan at Advance Virteo Retinal Techniques & Technology(AVRTT@4)
  4. March 9, 2014: Shri. B.J. Azad Oration Awarded To Prof.Dr.S.Natarajan from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, New Delhi
  5. April, 2012: Bestowed with Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Achievement Award for his immense contribution to the scientific programs of the APAO congresses at Busan, Korea.
  6. April ,2012: Honoured withRETINA FOUNDATION ORATION award
  7. August, 2011: Prof Dr. S. Natarajan is honored with the IIRSI gold medal on 13th August 2011 at Delhi. The Medal is given by Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi.
  8. December, 2010: Honoured with Dr. F.P. Antia Oration Award
  9. September, 2010: Honoured with Late Dr. Sandeep Wagh Award
  10. April, 2009: Honoured with American Academy of Ophthalmology, Achievement Award

Positions Held:


  1. Editor, Indian Journal Of Ophthalmology
  2. President, Ocular Trauma Society Of India
  3. Honorary Director, Indian Eye Injury Registry, under Bombay Ophthalmologists Association.
  4. President, Sankara Nethralaya Alumni, Madras.
  5. Management Committee Member, Bombay Ophthalmologists Association
  6. President, National Society for Prevention of Blindness -India, Maharashtra Branch.
  7. Reviewer, Eye world news service.
  8. President, Ocular Trauma Society of India
  9. Chairman-Scientific Committee, All India Ophthalmological Society
  10. Chief Editor, BLINK – Newsletter of Maharashtra Ophthalmological Society
  11. Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Mumbai
  12. Managing Committee Member of Medical Consultants (Mumbai)


  1. Member – American Academy of Ophthalmology
  2. Regional Managing Editor: EyeWorld Asia Pacific (Indian edition)
  3. Member - Euretina International Advisory Board
  4. Reviewer, Manuscript No.Graefes-D-07-00809 "Combined Pars Plana Vitrectomy and Artificial Iris Diaphragm Implant after Globe Rupture" by Dr. Rommaso Rossi.
  5. Reviewer, Manuscript No.Graefes-D-08-00348 entitled "Ocular Trauma resulting from paintball injury" for Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology.
  6. Medical Editor, Indian Editorial Board, EUROTIMES, a European Outlook on the World of Ophthalmology, published by the European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons.
  7. Vice President, Indo Japanese Ophthalmic Foundation.
  8. Member of the International Advisory Board, 5th International Symposium on Ocular Trauma, Israel.
  9. Member of Council of Asia Pacific Intraocular Implant Association, Singapore.
  10. Member of the Advisory Board of the Eye Bank Co-ordination & Research Centre and Member of International Federation of Eye Banks, U.S.A.
  11. Executive Committee Member, International Society for Ocular Trauma.